So I decided to start reviewing products I lift (complete with gross close-up pictures of me)! Enjoy!

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara- Three Stars

The first picture is after one coat, the second is after two (and a few hours of wear since I forgot to take the picture before leaving the house)

It’s not bad. This is definitely one of those wet, thick formulas that make your lashes thick and almost crispy in that kinda-clumpy-but-in-a-good-way way. I heard a Youtube makeup person say that a lot of mascaras are better if you wipe off the wand on a piece of tissue before using it, since the wand kind of hangs out in the product all the time and therefore is covered in way too much product. You DEFINITELY want to wipe some of the product off the wand before using with this one. If I do that, it’s ok, but if I don’t, it’s horrible and unusable. There’s a pretty big difference between one coat and two if you compare them right after application. I prefer one coat for a light look and two for something more dramatic. So, overall, it’s not bad, but I don’t love it. I personally prefer something that lengthens and fans out my lashes though, so others may like this better than I do.

Is it worth lifting: yes, probably for some more than others

Is it worth buying: I wouldn’t, but I can see why some would. It’s just not the best there is for the price though.

Where/how I lifted it: Ulta. I found a travel mirror, which is somewhat large with flat packaging that’s easy to hold in one hand, and held items behind it until I could find a place to conceal. Quite effective.

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