Goddamn I haven’t been on this blog in like 3 months! Hey new followers! There’s like a million of you guys. Where did you come from? And can somebody catch me up on what’s been happening around here while I was away?

  • Question: tips on lifting from bath and body works? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    So. Damn. Easy. No cameras (to my knowledge) and no tags. The only difficult thing is that the store is usually pretty small with employees on the floor and no tall shelving units to hide behind. That being said, all I’ve ever had to do was make sure nobody was looking directly at me. It’s really not hard.

  • Question: a good way to conceal small things like nail polish is to take out your phone, look at it, then when you put it back into your bag slide in the polish too but make sure your phone is hiding it from others' view - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I don’t personally use this one because I’m super clumsy regardless so I only conceal when they is absolutely nobody anywhere near me, but heads up to anybody who can use this tip

  • Question: was wondering if that rfid sticker you found on the stila palette from ulta was visible from the outside or if it was hidden under/inside the packaging? can they even open makeup to tag it? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    It was visible from the outside, and I’m not sure but I think they can. They’re no stickers or anything on the package that must be broken to open it. If not, the factory can also source tag it. However, I think at Ulta they only have tags on the inside of super expensive items, like perfumes, high price skincare, stuff like that. I’ve never personally seen a tag on the inside of any makeup I’ve lifted.


I’m back bitches


tarte Powder Foundation: $36

UD Naked Lip Gloss: $20

UD Revolution Lipstick x2: $22

stila Liquid Eyeliner: $20

Mally Poreless Face Defender: $40

Butter London Polish: $15

Butter London Topcoat: $19

Razor refills: $17

Revlon Lipstick x2: $8

Covergirl mascara: $8

Real Techniques stippling brush: $10

Total: $245

They were out of goddamn Lorac Pro palettes, which was like the #1 thing I wanted to get today. Fuck. But hey, I got some shit I’ve been wanting forever so that’s really nice. God, I can’t believe this is my first haul since May. I’ve been working full time so I haven’t had time to go. I also start college Monday, so that’s cool. By the way, that Mally defender thing is the shit. If you haven’t heard of it, I’m too lazy to explain so look it up on youtube.

  • Question: Howww did you lift the naked palette 3?😵 - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I give a detailed outline of my strategies on the Strategies and Tips page of my blog, but basically it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Grab something that’s somewhat flat and larger than the size of the palette that you can kind of hold tucked between your body and the crook of your arm in a way that looks natural (a makeup bag or something in a large blister pack works well. Also make sure it’s not something too expensive or out of the ordinary so that you’re not drawing an employee’s attention by carrying it and nobody will think it’s weird when you put it back.) Then walk over to the palettes, casually look over them until you’re sure nobody’s looking, and then pretend you’ve decided to buy one and tuck it under the other item you’re carrying so that it can’t be seen. Then carry it to a blind spot and conceal. That’s my main lifting method and it works well, especially at Ulta. Good luck!


I know I’ve been absent lately, but I thought I would let you guys know that I’m now working full time, and since I feel uncomfortable lifting on weekends when stores are crowded, that leaves me very little opportunity to lift. I’ll try to get on tumblr and be a part of the community more, but I’m probably not going to have many hauls for the next few months.


JC Penney’s:

Bra: $44

Thong: $7

Total: $51

I was there to get a father’s day present but I couldn’t resist picking these up too.

  • Question: what should i do the first time i lift? tips on what to take and how to act? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Wow well it completely depends on like a lot of things. What store were you thinking of going to? What kinds of things do you like? Do you live in a heavily populated area, rural area, etc? Do you live in a low-crime area? You can find a lot of my tips, opinions, etc on the tips and strategies page on my blog (I actually just started working on it and I hope to have it finished soon. I still have to add a few more sections on strategies and store-specific advice)




hey! as you probably know, this friday is Friday the 13th! If you have any black cats, PLEASE make sure to keep them inside on friday, because people could harm your kitty since they are known as “bad luck” this type of thing also happens around halloween. make sure to keep your feline friends safe, have a nice day!

Please do this! Your majestic little babies should not have to die at the hands of dumbasses. I heard of this happening around here last year and it broke my heart.

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